Dining Chairs

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Dining Chairs 

Choosing dining chairs for your home is a big decision and should be done carefully. Beautiful chairs can add a lot of elegance to your dining room and impress your guests for years to come. Remember that when you are looking for dining chairs, you'll want to pay particular attention to make sure that the chairs are crafted from the finest materials, that they are well-made, that they are easy to care for and most importantly, that they are comfortable to sit in. 

For long meals with friends and family, leather dining chairs from ARTeFAC are an excellent choice. Our chairs are classy and elegant and available in a wide variety of stunning designs. They are made using the finest construction and will be family treasures for generations to come.

Caring for Dining Room Chairs 

Leather Parsons chairs can be simple or ornate, but one rule applies to all--if they are made from top-quality materials, they are easy to care for and will last for many years with minimal effort. All ARTeFAC leather dining room chairs are crafted by hand from the finest materials and are purchased directly from the manufacturer. This way, you can rest assured that your chairs will arrive to you in perfect condition.

 Caring for good leather dining chairs is simple. The first rule is to make sure that the chairs avoid contact with sharp objects so as to keep the leather from ripping. Other than that, regular application of a good leather conditioner and periodic polishing of any wooden legs or arms will keep your chairs in top shape. 

Leather Dining Room Chairs

 At ARTeFAC, we buy all of our dining room chairs directly from the manufacturer. In this way, we effectively cut out the middle man and are able to offer our customers wholesale prices on top quality chairs. You'll be amazed at our extensive selection of leather dining room chairs. We carry dozens of styles, and most of our designs are available in a number of different shades.

 Popular leather dining room chair colors include our chestnut brown, black, red, wenge, white and espresso shades, and many more. Many of our dining room chairs are also available with the option of contrast stitching to add interest to your dining room. If you're looking for a unique dining room chair, take a look at some of our more vivid styles which feature contrasting colors and wood stains, such as our Cream Leather Dining Chair with Wood Trim.